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Postmortem conducted

3 Days, 12 Hours, 0 Minutes
From incident till postmortem

Approximately 3 days later, a postmortem was conducted. Howick District Surgeon Deenadayalan Naidoo, who did the post mortem examination showed that Jacqueline was stabbed with two different knives: a pocket knife and a larger, fixed blade knife. Naidoo said “considerable force had had to be used for the knife to penetrate the lungs. Jacqueline was stabbed twenty-two (22) times in the back, three (3) times in her left lung and six (6) times in her right lung. She sustained one (1) stab wound to the neck, two (2) stab wounds to her left arm, five (5) stab wounds to her face and one (1) stab wound to the scalp. A total of 40 wounds, of which 31 were deadly and caused her death.”