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The inspiration behind SVS Echo-Reward platform

The Echo-Reward Platform was inspired in part by the ‘teamwork, collaboration, encrypted communication, high energy and guardianship’ of the dolphins of the Dolphin Coast who span the oceans, the elephants of South Africa, and an injured crow that I had the privilege of helping (I named him Tom)…

To pause and expand, Tom was born with a deformed leg and every day I would bring him inside for the night, feed him, and put him out in the morning for his parents to fetch. Watching him learn to fly and seeing his parents’ love and care for him, diligently feeding him and schooling him, was an amazing experience. He has now taken flight and can be seen almost daily around the home hopping on one leg or balancing in a tree.

We matched these insights from nature to the incredible, always growing, national hidden treasures and teamwork of so many great friends to us all…  And so the sun rises, eyes and hearts wake to a new day and new dawn of human networking – Hawks and CI SVS Echo-Reward