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Baby Siwaphiwe Hijacking

10 March, 2017

SAPS said: “A one month old baby is still missing after a hijacking occurred today at 11:45, at Game City, Durban. The vehicle has been found abandoned in Montclair. The baby with the child seat was not in the vehicle. “The mother, her eight-year-old boy and a one month baby were seated in their white Toyota Yaris when two men armed with firearms accosted them.“They demanded the car keys and fled with their vehicle and one one month baby inside the vehicle.”

Baby Simphiwe

10 March `17, Fri - 10:30


Maj. Gen. Bala Naidoo‚ KwaZulu-Natal Deputy Provincial Commissioner activates all networks to assist in looking for a white Toyota Yaris, ND576648 which was hijacked. The driver, Sibongile Mbambo (34) was with her eight-year-old son and one-month-old baby (Siwaphiwe) when the incident occurred at City View Shopping Centre (previously Game City) in central Durban. It is alleged that two armed suspects approached the vehicle and forced her and her eight-year-old out of the vehicle and sped off with baby Siwaphiwe buckled up in the baby seat.
10 March `17, Fri - 12:30

Vehicle Recovered

The Toyota Yaris has been found in Montclair, south Durban. Baby Siwaphiwe baby seat and nappy bag are missing from the vehicle.


Kyle Van Reenen of Marshall Security reports from the scene:

10 March `17, Fri - 16:00

ECR Passionate Plea

Sibongile Mbambo (34) makes a passionate plea on East Coast Radio for the return of her child.

11 March `17, Sat - 06:00

R250 000 Reward

KZN SAPS Provincial Police Spokesperson Thulani Zwane briefs the investigation team that a reward of up to R250,000 is being offered to anyone who has information on a missing one-month-old baby. Resources have been increased to over 100 members making up the various search and rescue teams and uniformed members currently on the ground, continuing the search for the missing baby.

12 March `17, Sun - 01:05

Two Suspects Arrested

1 Day, 14 Hours, 35 Minutes
From incident till arrest

One-month-old Siwaphiwe Mbambo has been recovered at Mariannhill Toll Plaza, KwaZulu Natal. The investigation, specialised arrest and hostage negotiator set up a covert operation to ensure the safety of baby Siwaphiwe. The vehicle was identified and intercepted in a clockwork recovery operation. Two suspects have been arrested.

12 March `17, Sun - 02:50

Father Informed

Siwaphiwe’s father, Felokwakhe Mbambo, has been informed of the recovery.

12 March `17, Sun - 04:00

Found Safe – Public Announcement

KZN SAPS Provincial Police Spokesperson Thulani Zwane announces that baby Siwaphiwe has been found safe.

East Coast Radio

12 March `17, Sun - 08:00

Mother Arrested

1 Day, 21 Hours, 30 Minutes
From incident till arrest

SAPS Statement
Police spokesperson, Athlenda Mathe, says Acting National Police Commissioner, Khomotso Phalane, is relieved the baby was found unharmed. “We also would like to commend our members for effecting an arrest of three people involved in the alleged kidnapping. However, it is unfortunate that one of the three people taken into police custody is the mother of the baby herself.”


East Coast Radio

12 March `17, Sun - 10:00

In the dark:

Siwaphiwe’s dad in the dark about wife’s possible involvement. He has yet to see his little girl since she went missing in an apparent hijacking on Friday, and that while the mother is in Durban he has been back home in Umzinyathi holding the family together.

East Coast Radio

24 January `18, Wed - 17:08


10 Months, 12 Days, 8 Hours, 55 Minutes
From arrest till conviction

Sibongile Mbambo‚ 34‚ was sentenced to a five-year jail term after she pled guilty to charges of fraud and defeating the ends of justice for her role in the hoax kidnapping of her then one-month-old child.